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Deaconess Abundant Life Communities is committed to fostering an environment that promotes an exceptional quality of life and the opportunity to form meaningful relationships, for both the people who work and live in our communities.

Each community is unique in its offerings and the personalities of the people who live there.  In each location, you will find people who are aging successfully by assuring they are attentive to the four key areas in life. 

Staff and residents share a variety of programs and events that focus on one of these four areas.  We know that if a person stays intellectually challenged, physically active, spiritually engaged and socially connected, they will live long and well.  As a staff member you will be able to share meaningful moments with the residents and truly be an integral part of their lives. 

Each location, in the towns of Concord, Northampton, Provincetown and Waltham, Massachusetts and Gilford, New Hampshire, offers a stimulating, culturally fulfilling and beautiful setting which provides the backdrop for life at each community. 

Since its establishment in 1889, Deaconess knows the success of each community is the result of the dedication and achievement of those who work here.  Progress and growth in the future continues to depend on our greatest asset – the men and women who work together to provide a fulfilling lifestyle for those we serve.